Many of our ideas and approaches are based on a return to old knowledge, nature and the valuable resources of our planet.

It is therefore important for us to combine this knowledge with innovative technologies. We can only do this as a team, with our employees, producers, suppliers and last but not least with our guests.


Since 2001, the Kolarik family has been taking steps towards sustainability and more ecological and social responsibility.
That is why Elisabeth Kolarik was particularly concerned about the switch to 100% organic: "I think long-term and my goal is to act responsibly for generations. We want to do something good for our guests by serving high quality food. But just as important to us is the background of an intact environment."

Finding the right range of organic producers was a particular challenge. In the meantime, several suppliers have already been certified because the demand for organic quality is simply increasing. The culinary offer of our restaurant now ranges from the Bio-Stelze to the vegan Bio-Almgröstl to the Bio-Pizza and our own organic children's menu. In the meantime, our guests have come to appreciate the wide range of organic products on offer, with which we are also addressing a new target group.

A wish became reality

With the courage, conviction and innovative strength of our employees and suppliers, we succeeded in 2019 in converting our entire range of dishes - to 100% organic origin. It is thanks to the producers that we are able to cook up freshly mainly with regional products and seasonal delicacies from Austria - keep up the good work! Achleitner, Biogast, Haubis, Hermann Fleischlos, Marchfelder Edelpilze, Niedermayer and Salzburger Kräuterhof and Sonnberg.

Numerous awards & certificates prove our success

"It has always been our concern to prepare our traditional dishes with completely natural ingredients and to set an example for the environment. The fact that we have been one of Vienna's organic enjoyment hotspots since 2019 makes me satisfied and I am full of joie de vivre - we have really achieved this goal."

Elisabeth Kolarik

Kolariks Organic Guarantee

The 100% organic food offer of Kolariks Luftburg has been controlled and certified since the beginning of 2019 by the inspection body "Austria Bio Garantie". In April 2019, we received the City of Vienna Environmental Award for our successful implementation. We were also awarded the gold seal of the "Naturally good food" initiative of the City of Vienna.

We are an official partner of BIO AUSTRIA and the green bosses.


Austria Organic Guarantee

We guarantee our organic quality with the certification of the control authority Austria Bio Garantie.

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We meet the highest ecological, health and quality requirements after strict testing.

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"Eat naturally well" - Gold Seal

We have been awarded the GOLD seal "Natur Gut Essen" of the City of Vienna for the 100% use of organic food, fresh preparation and a rich vegetarian offer.

Organic Austria

BIO AUSTRIA is a driving force for the greening of agriculture and the supply of healthy organic food to the population.

Environmental Award 2019

As one of four model companies, we were awarded for the fastest conversion "From bronze to gold in record time" within the framework of Ökobusiness Vienna: on 2 April 2019, the Luftburg received the environmental award of the City of Vienna.

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Thousands have voted at the fifth BIO GASTRO TROPHY - and have chosen Austria's "Best certified organic restaurant": Kolarik's Luftburg.

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Organic Austria

As Bio-Austria partner we stand for a quality assured, certified organic catering offer for our guests. Furthermore we receive support in the search for ideal suppliers and carry the BIO AUSTRIA "partner logo".

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green bosses

Green Chefs - fairness and responsibility in gastronomy
Many guests pursue a sustainable lifestyle and expect the same from their restaurant. So that every guest can immediately recognise which restaurant meets his requirements, there is the GREEN CHEFS network of restaurateurs who show: "With us you eat sustainably and fairly! We've been partners with Green Chefs since March

100% hydropower

Kolariks LUFTBURG is supplied by Wien Energie Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG with 100% electricity from hydropower and guaranteed without CO2 emissions. Through environmentally friendly supply with renewable energies, we help to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

We stand for the conscious use of our soil, our water and the living beings on our earth.

We want to ensure that all resources that we gratefully use today are secured for future generations!

Elisabeth Kolarik

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