We see it as our social obligation, also towards future generations, to use the resources available to us carefully and consciously. Our company vision "Hospitality - tangible - sustainable" is also based on this principle.

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100% organic enjoyment

with responsibility

Since 2001, the Kolarik family has been taking steps towards sustainability and a greater sense of ecological and social responsibility. Therefore, especially the conversion to 100% organic was a personal concern.

Since 2019, all dishes are served exclusively in organic quality and with the reopening in 2021 now also the drinks. Thus the Restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik in the Prater. largest organic restaurant in the world!


We want to create awareness, optimise the use of resources and minimise our ecological footprint.

Organic guarantee

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The legal basis states that food bearing an organic label must actually be produced in accordance with organic farming standards.


We guarantee our organic quality with the certification of the Bio Garantie control body.


Logo - Ecolabel

For the responsible management of the business as well as for the organic, regional cuisine with healthy, high-quality food, we were awarded the Austrian Ecolabel by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism in autumn 2019.

Our sustainable corporate philosophy is not only about enjoyment with responsibility, but also about the well-being of the environment.

Responsible enjoyment

Tastes better

It is thanks to our producers & suppliers that we can cook up fresh with 100% organic, mainly regional products from Austria and seasonal goods from Europe.


Berger ham, Fohrenburger, Großingerhof, Haubis, Mohr-Sederl, Sonnberg, Wiener Dirndl, and many more.


Transparency is important to us - that is why you will find a voluntary overview of the origin of our main products in the table below. This list is constantly updated and expanded.

Together with our guests, we stand for a conscious use of our earth.
We want to ensure that all the resources we use today are safeguarded for future generations!

Origin labeling

Products Country of origin
Leaf salad Austria (seasonal Italy/ Spain)
Crumbs Austria
Bread/Pastry Austria
Butter Austria
Ducat potatoes (frozen product) Germany
Eggs Austria
Potatoes Austria (all year)
Pickled gherkin Austria
Feta Greece
Tarte flambée Germany
Gouda Austria
Cucumbers Austria (seasonal Itailen/ Spain)
Chicken Italy
Yogurt Austria
Beetle Beans Austria (all year)
Carrots Austria (all year)
Ketchup Austria
Garlic Spain
Herb Austria (all year)
Horseradish Austria (all year)
Pumpkin seed oil Austria
Pretzels Austria
Almond drink Germany
Milk Austria
Parmesan Italy
Pepperoni Austria
French fries (frozen product) Austria
Cranberries Austria
Radi Austria (seasonal Spain)
Beef Austria
Sour cream Austria
Pork Austria
Celery Austria (all year)
Bread cubes Austria
Mustard Austria
Sunflower oil Austria
Stilt meat Austria
Pasta Austria
Curd Austria
Vanilla ice cream Austria
Onions Austria (all year)
Status: March 30, 2023

Prizes & Awards

Sustainability 2

"Naturally good food" - Gold Seal

As a "Natürlich gut essen" farm, we make an active contribution to the environment and animal welfare. With special attention to these criteria, we focus on offering regional, seasonal and organically produced food and are proud bearers of the "Natürlich gut essen" seal of quality in gold.

Sustainability 3

Environmental Award 2019

As one of four model businesses, we received an award from Ökobusiness Wien for the fastest conversion "from bronze to gold in record time". This means that we succeeded in converting the entire food offer to organic quality within a very short time.
On 2 April 2019, we received the City of Vienna's Environmental Award for the 100% use of organic food, the fresh preparation and the rich vegetarian offer.

Sustainability 4

Bio Austria

As a Gastro-Partner of Bio-Austria, we stand for a quality-assured, certified organic catering offer for our guests. In addition, we receive support for the search for ideal suppliers and carry the BIO AUSTRIA "Partner Logo".

Sustainability 5

Green Brand

GREEN BRANDS award-winning brands make a significant contribution to protecting the climate, the environment, nature, biodiversity and resources.

Sustainability 6


As an ÖkoEvent Gastro-Partner we fulfill all culinary criteria to implement environmentally friendly events in accordance with the Viennese quality seal ÖkoEvent.

You would like to organize an EcoEvent with us?

Sustainability is important to us in all areas, which is why we also pay attention to it in procurement and disposal as well as with our partners.

Cooking oil disposal

In Vienna, more than 320,000 kilograms of used cooking oil are disposed of every year. This is used to produce 100 percent carbon dioxide-neutral biodiesel. This saves more than 880 tons of carbon dioxide annually. For the same amount of diesel from rapeseed oil, a cultivation area of 9.54 km² would be necessary.


We are also proud of the fact that we collect and hand in all our used cooking oil in so-called "Wöli containers" and in this way also contribute to sustainability.

Public accessibility

Switching to public transport saves up to 1,500 kg of CO2 per year, which is about 8,300 kilometres not driven by an average car. Or to put it another way, this saving replaces the cleaning power of 120 trees!


The Luftburg - Kolarik restaurant in the Prater is so centrally located that we have perfect connections to the public transport network. The double benefit is that you can travel in an environmentally friendly way and enjoy your beer (or several) with a clear conscience at our place without having to worry about driving afterwards!

100% hydropower

The restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik in the Prater is supplied by Wien Energie Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG with 100% electricity from hydropower and guaranteed without CO2 emissions. Through environmentally friendly supply with renewable energy, we help to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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Sustainability 13
Elisabeth Kolarik

It has always been a matter of concern to us to prepare our traditional dishes with all-natural ingredients and thus to set an example for the environment.

Bees on the roof

Since 2019, the roof of the Luftburg restaurant in Vienna's Prater, the largest organic restaurant in the world, has served as a safe and undisturbed home for several bee colonies.

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