Mother's Day

Whether they are biological or simply in the sense of the word, mothers are there for us – rejoice with us, comfort us in sad times and make us laugh again. We think Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to say thank you to the best Mum in the world. That's why the Luftburg Restaurant treats every mother on Mother's Day to 1 glass of Kattus Organic sparkling wine and a voucher for a free ride on the Blumenrad.

Mother's Day
May 14, 2023

Time together

Give something that is always a great gift  time together. And what better place for a family day out than the Viennese Prater with a stroll through green areas, a glass of sparkling wine and organic culinary delights at the Luftburg, and, to round it off, a fun tour through the Wurstelprater.

We would also like to say thank you and give all mothers who are our guests on 14 May a small gift – 1 glass of Kattus Organic sparkling wine to toast together and a voucher for a free ride on the Blumenrad.

100% organic - 100% enjoyment

Relaxed atmosphere with cozy food – we have one or two recommendations to share and enjoy. Would you like something new? Our current highlight is undoubtedly the pork knuckle à la Mochi – our classic dish reinterpreted – enriched with spicy sauce and fresh salad garnishes in Japanese style. More information here. Or would you prefer something classic? The hearty Luftburg platter with our grilled specialties is guaranteed to offer something for everyone!

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By the way...

In fact, every day should be Mother's Day! Thank you, Mum, for all the little and big things.

You rock!