1+1 on the World Cocktail Day

Prater Mai Tai, Luftburg Sour, Dirndl Tonic or Wiener Perle - our cocktail menu, in first-class organic quality, shines with tried-and-tested and new creations! And the best thing is: on "Cocktail Day" (a Monday this year), we serve an extra cocktail for free with every cocktail! Yes, you read that right - treat yourself!

1+1 on the World Cocktail Day
13 May 2024

Spring, sunshine - cocktails!

In spring-like temperatures, there is hardly anything better than taking a seat in the shady garden and ordering a refreshing drink.

May we recommend a "ready to drink" cocktail from the Farthofer distillery? They have reinterpreted three popular cocktails and, above all, made them 100% organic. The Austrian version of the famous Mai Tai with apricot and almond is called the "Prater Mai Tai". For those who like it fruitier, there is the berry "1766* Bramble". And the "Luftburg Sour" is served with vodka and pear juice instead of the classic wiskey sour.

Another highlight on the cocktail menu are the sparkling creations from Wiener Dirndl. The "Wiener Dirndl Bio-Aperitivo" tastes fresh, fruity and slightly sour. The secret? The cornelian cherry – called "Dirndl" in Vienna. It has been cultivated for centuries. Even Hildegard von Bingen (an important natural and medical German polymath during the High Middle Ages) described the beneficial effects of the red fruits, as they contain huge amounts of vitamin C and iron. The bright red-orange drinks not only look great but they are also refreshing and just the thing for a relaxed afternoon in the garden.

For cocktail enjoyment without compromises, there are the alcohol-free Mojito Spritz and Aperitivo Spritz, mixed with the alcohol-free bar syrups from Höllinger. These are simple and great alcohol-free alternatives for a hot summer's day when you want to keep a clear head.

World Cocktail Day

The World Cocktail Day is celebrated annually around the world to commemorate the first mention of the cocktail in 1806.

In that year – on 13th May to be precise – the term "cocktail" was first mentioned in the New York tabloid "The Balance and Columbian Repository". There are many legends surrounding the origin of the word "cocktail": e.g., there is talk of cockfights but also of egg cups or the wooden bung of a wooden barrel.

But no matter what, we think that Vitamin C(ocktail) should no longer be missing on our menu.

Have fun with our 1+1 free cocktails & cheers!

*The Prater – once an imperial hunting ground – was opened to all Viennese as a recreational area by Joseph II in 1766.