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Kolarik has been operating in the Prater in Vienna since 1991. Founded by Elisabeth Kolarik, the associated businesses - Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater, Praterfee die Luftburg-Erlebniswelt and Urban Lodge Apartments are characterized above all by one thing: Their family friendliness.
About us 1

Since 2020, the company has been run by Paul, son of Luftburg inventor Elisabeth Kolarik, and his wife Bianca. As parents of three children, they continue to live the concept of family and child friendliness in the spirit of the inventor.

An excursion into the countryside, a ride on the Ferris wheel or a ride on the Liliputbahn - the Vienna Prater offers pure variety.

The same goes for the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater; here you can find everything from the legendary cured and grilled pork knuckle to vegetarian and vegan dishes - in 100% organic quality.

The restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater bears the gold seal "Natürlich Gut Essen" of the city of Vienna. Since 2010, the conversion to organic products is being pushed and in 2021 it was finally time - it has succeeded in the complete conversion to organic for food and beverages. This makes the Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater restaurant the largest organic restaurant in the world!

Located near the main avenue in the Prater, the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater is adjacent to the Luftburg Erlebniswelt with numerous bouncy castle models for children. The nearby Praterfee with its bouncy castles, trampolines and children's racetrack also offers great fun for the little ones. The offer is rounded off with the bouncy castle rental and the apartments of the Urban Lodge.

Our history


What an (anniversary) year!

The invention of the Luftburg was no less than 45 years ago. Almost five decades in which so much has happened.

In addition, our restaurant has its 30th anniversary, which we celebrate with a Kirtag in October with many guests in traditional costume, cheerful music and a tapping of the barrel.

Our kiosk will be modernized all around and a roofed, illuminated entrance portal will serve as protection for our guests in all weather conditions.

With "Krimskrams & Kramuri" a wonderful store moves into our completely new entrance area. Here you can find all kinds of beautiful, sweet and down-to-earth things, as a gift to yourself or as a souvenir for your loved ones.


The restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater undergoes a complete redesign, new warm and cozy tones and materials refine the interior and make it more comfortable than ever. In addition, the conversion to 100% organic takes place - from now on also the drinks including the new Fohrenburger Hofbier.

Together with Viktor Gernot and the Casanova Theater, the Praterbühne is initiated and starts its first season with over 90 cabaret and music events.


In the 100th year of the Kolarik family in the Prater, Bianca and Paul Kolarik take over the Kolarik im Prater and start into the future with innovative ideas. Due to a pandemic, a renovation of the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater planned for 2021 was brought forward by one year.


The Luftburg is(s)t bio: From the cured pork knuckle to the desserts, all dishes will be served exclusively in organic quality with natural origin from the beginning of 2019. In addition to the certificate of the inspection body Austria Bio Garantie, the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater is also awarded with the gold seal "Natürlich Gut Essen" and the city of Vienna also recognizes the commitment with the eco-label of the city of Vienna.


The invention of the Luftburg celebrates its 40th anniversary. In gastronomy, the regionality and organic line is further expanded. The guest garden roofing is further optimised in order to be protected from sudden rain.

Under the management of Bianca & Paul Kolarik, the Urban Lodge Apartments open in Ausstellungsstraße, which have been rounding off the offer since April. In the previous year, the first electric company vehicle was purchased and the path towards regionality and organic was pushed forward.


The guest garden is extended by an innovative roofing, which supports the existing tree shading. Quality, innovation, family friendliness and the countless dedicated employees are the reason why the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater has become one of the most popular meeting places in the Prater.


The newly designed guest garden of the Luftburg opens. Sycamore trees are set to provide wonderful shade and decorative water elements create a pleasant, playful atmosphere. The innovative fog cooling system provides cooling and relaxation on hot summer days. The guest garden and terrace now offer space for a total of around 850 guests.


The dream of every chef comes true: The kitchen of the Luftburg is expanded to 200m². Equipped with the latest technology, this gain in space is a guarantee for quality work and maximum enjoyment.


In spring, the restaurant Luftburg will be rebuilt in an elaborate style and expanded by a light-flooded glass palace, where gourmets can take a cosy break in a modern ambience. In the course of this, the terrace and garden will also be expanded to 750 seats.


At the end of 2000, Elisabeth Kolarik was able to acquire an object that she had been fond of for a long time - the Praterfee and the children's racetrack there.


Elisabeth Kolarik recognized the need to also entertain her customers who came to rent and buy the bouncy castles. As a result, she opened the Café-Restaurant Luftburg in 1992 - directly adjacent to today's Luftburg Erlebniswelt.


About us 2

Paul Kolarik, today's owner of Kolarik im Prater and 3rd generation of the Kolarik gastronomy family, saw the light of day late in the evening on May 19, 1984 in the Haus der Luftburg, at that time still a single-family house on the edge of Wurstel Prater. A real Praterbua.


The company's success story began with the invention of the Luftburg by Elisabeth Kolarik in 1977. It was her idea to create soft playgrounds in a wide variety of shapes from the material of hot air balloons, on which children could let off steam without hurting themselves.


The inventor of the Luftburg, Elisabeth Kolarik, comes from one of the most famous Prater families. She was born on 1 January 1954 as the youngest child of the owners of the Schweizerhaus Else and Karl Kolarik. Her two siblings Lydia and Karl run it today. Elisabeth Kolarik herself worked in her parents' business for many years and was managing director until 1991.


Karl Kolarik buys the Schweizerhaus in 1920 and lays the foundation for one of the most successful gastronomy families in Austria.

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  • Does the Schweizerhaus belong to Kolarik im Prater?

    No. Although the name Kolarik is the same and there is a relationship, Elisabeth Kolarik founded the independent company Kolariks Freizeitbetriebe GmbH back in 1991, which was taken over by Paul and Bianca Kolarik in 2020. This includes the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater, the leisure area Praterfee - Kolarik im Prater and the block of apartments Urban Lodge.