Pork knuckle in Japanese style

The crispy grilled cured pork knuckle, a classic of Viennese cuisine in 100% organic quality, meets 'Asian diverse with a happy gut feeling'. A recommendation? Absolutely!

How to eat an Ikapiri Stelze

Pork knuckle in Japanese style 1
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Konnichi Wa * & Hawedere **

The classic barbecue speciality of the house as an innovative newcomer? Yes please!

The pork knuckle original in Ikapiri style

The Japanese Ikapiri sauce and fresh herbs make the pork knuckle shine. Different than usual, it is cut into pieces. There are large lettuce leaves on the plate, which you can fill just as you wish: pork knuckle, cucumber or coleslaw – or both, pickled red onion, fine peanut-onion crumbly topping, a dollop of Teriyaki sauce and chilli mayo. (If the reader's mouth is watering at this point, we recommend booking a table as soon as possible).

100% organic pork knuckle from the Luftburg and the know-how of Japanese cuisine – a match made in food-heaven!

*Little Japanese lesson: "Konnichi Wa" [kon-nitschi-wa] - probably the best known greeting in Japanese. It means something like "Good day!" and is the all-rounder among greetings. And of course, we want our guests to have a good day/time with us at the Luftburg.

**A little Viennese lesson: "Habe d'ehre", "Hawedere" or simply "Dere" - we have the honour to see you! In this case – of course – to see you and to welcome and pamper you as guests!