Gösser's new (organic) booze

We can recommend our latest organic beer specialty from the barrel as well as from the heart: Gösser Biostoff is light, excitingly tangy, surprisingly easy to drink and – how could it be otherwise – 100% organic and of outstanding quality! From March 11th on draught and at the self-serve tap tables in the Luftburg – Kolarik im Prater.

Gösser Biostoff
from March 11

Brewed with Austrian organic raw materials

This new and refreshing beer is proof that even a traditional brand like Gösser can reinvent itself time and again! Regional ingredients not only make this organic beer taste excitingly good; the selected Austrian raw materials also ensure a clear conscience when it comes to sustainable production and excellent quality.

  • Organic barley from Austria
  • Organic hops from the Mühlviertel in Upper Austria
  • Brewing water from the spring nature reserve near Göss


Gösser gives (Bio)Stoff 1

Reunion is a joy!

The new 0.33l returnable bottle is made from a new innovative glass. This makes it particularly robust and perfect for use as a returnable bottle. It can therefore be filled several times in the recycling process – only the top and label are replaced!

The handy 0.33l bottles are available (also as a casual six-pack in our store "Krimskrams und Kramuri" – right in the Luftburg Erlebniswelt.

Cheers! A toast to our new beer partner!