PODCAST "Those who know nothing must eat everything"

The Land schafft Leben association is on the trail of Austria's food with the great podcast "Wer nichts weiß, muss alles essen"! With transparent reporting, without judgment. And we – we are also a part of the dialogue!

Podcast interview
as of 1st February, 2024

For listening from Thursday 1st February, 2024!

PODCAST #168 "Wer nichts weiß, muss alles essen"

The most beautiful (side) thing in the world?

Next to sex, there is nothing more intimate than food. Food is nothing casual. Its production conditions determine its sustainability, its quality, its health value - our lives.

That is why the Land schafft Leben association has set itself the task of raising consumer awareness of the value of Austrian food. With transparent reporting and an ingenious podcast! How is food produced, how is it processed, stored, transported and how does the finished product end up at the consumer? This and much more is answered – by those who really know their stuff. Producers, suppliers and buyers such as food retailers and restaurants – like us.

PODCAST "Those who know nothing must eat everything" 1

Paul Kolarik in a podcast interview

PODCAST "If you know nothing, you have to eat everything" 2
Photo Credit: Land schafft Leben

Hannes Royer, founder and chairman of the association with fellow board member Maria Fanninger in conversation with Paul Kolarik – including the following exciting questions:

Why did we decide to go organic? Is meat consumption still justifiable? And what is Paul Kolarik's personal approach to food and eating?

Because food concerns us all. Every day anew!