Kolarik's air castle wins BIO GASTRO TROPHY

Sustainability wins

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Kolarik's Luftburg wins BIO GASTRO TROPHY 1

Excellent organic enjoyment

Kolarik's Luftburg wins BIO GASTRO TROPHY 2

The winners of the individual categories of the BIO GASTRO TROPHY emerged from both online voting and the verdict of a jury of experts. In addition to organic cuisine, evaluation criteria such as the use of sustainable energy and resource conservation, such as in the area of drinking water, also played a decisive role.


"The award of the BIO GASTRO TROPHY pleases us enormously and encourages us on our sustainable path. Our guests have not only chosen us, but also play a decisive role in the value chain - and thus for a better future. It is our goal to consciously treat the environment and living beings in a sustainable manner in order to be able to secure resources in the future as well," says Elisabeth Kolarik.

100 % responsibility, 100 % enjoyment

Kolarik's Luftburg has been taking steps towards sustainability since 2001. The Prater establishment received several awards for its conversion to organic food at the beginning of 2019, including the gold seal of the City of Vienna's "Natürlich gut essen" initiative. Also this year, Kolarik's Luftburg was awarded the City of Vienna's Environmental Prize for its 100% use of organic food, fresh preparation and rich vegetarian menu. The most recent awards include the City of Vienna's eco-label and the BIO GASTRO TROPHY award for "Best Organic Certified Restaurant".