Easter is associated with many different traditions in Austria and here at the Luftburg it's, above all, a family celebration. Attention children: at Easter, we have for you colouring sheets and small crayons.

Sunday, 31st March, 2024

Off to the Prater

As spring approaches, Easter is not far away. At home, the windows and tables are already decorated with colourful paper bunnies, catkin and dyed eggs. "Has the Easter bunny been here yet?" is topic number one at the breakfast table. The chocolate bunnies quickly make one feel fidgety and give energy - so it's best to pack up the kids and head off to the Prater!


On the Hauptalee, the first families gather. A balloon here, Dad gets the consolation prize in the can toss game, Mum wins the main prize. Together, they enjoy the view from the Blumenrad, because Vienna is a beautiful place. By the time they reach the carousel, horses are spinning and thoughts about a good lunch are racing through their minds!

Tip: book a table now!

Easter meal in the largest organic restaurant in the world

There's finally time for indulgence and relaxation. We serve strictly 100% organic quality - and you can taste it! The children's menu makes it particularly easy for the little ones to choose: today we have magic wands and an ice cream bee. What is that? You can find out here in our children's menu.

By the way: at Easter, we have colouring sheets and small crayons for all our little guests.

If you still need some action after enjoying together a meal, you can round off the afternoon in the Praterfee. There are also bouncy castles (the day ticket of the Luftburg can be used here right away), many trampolines, a children's racetrack and a toddler play area with a sandpit. All snacks & drinks at this Kolarik's kiosk are also organic. So raise a glass to the great family day out!

It is actually a pity that there is only one Easter Sunday. On the other hand, the family- and child-friendly Luftburg is open all year round and thus is every Sunday Easter Sunday!

What we're doing is eggcelent

Did you know that all eggs used in the Luftburg are 100% organic and come only from suppliers known to us? On kolarik.at/sustainability, you will also find a voluntary origin labelling of our main products – this is regularly updated by us!

Catkin under nature protection

The catkin is a traditional Easter decoration. But be aware: the well-known Salix caprea is under strict protection! This is because the Salix caprea is a native shrub that flowers particularly early and is therefore a particularly important food source for bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects.

Up to and including April 30, it is therefore strictly forbidden to cut off catkin branches – regardless of whether they grow in one's own garden or in the wilderness. Farmers and their legal trade at Easter markets are exempt.

Customs and tradition

Many Easter customs are closely connected with the Christian faith and Austrian tradition. Some are meant to bring joy especially to children. Many are also found in other religions and countries. Still others are as different from place to place as the colourful eggs in the Easter basket.

The most famous customs are certainly colouring eggs, hiding nests and the sweet Osterpinze (Austrian Easter bread) after Lent. The Easter consecration or a visit to the Easter market are also part of the tradition. In addition, the ratcheting and carrying the Weihfeuer as well as Godnküpfi and Oarradeln are considered typical Austrian Easter customs.

Holy Week and its holidays

Cross your heart. Do you know which day of Holy Week stands for which Christian celebration or commemoration day? We give you a small overview:

  • Holy Week is ushered in by Palm Sunday, when Christians commemorate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper.
  • Good Friday is a day of remembrance for Christians of the crucifixion of Jesus and a public holiday.
  • Holy Saturday is the day of the burial and on Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. On this day, many families celebrate Easter together. Have fun with it!