The Luftburg sets an (environmental) sign.

"We want to create awareness, optimize the use of resources and minimize our ecological footprint."

In autumn 2019, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism awarded the Austrian Environmental Label to Restaurant Luftburg for its responsible management of the business and for its organic, regional cuisine with healthy, high-quality food. The sustainable corporate philosophy of the management not only aims at sustainable enjoyment with a clear conscience, but also at the well-being of the environment:

What cannot be purchased regionally, we try to buy in "Fair Trade" quality. We have consciously opted for sustainable and climate-friendly production of our menus at gugler print*. The consumption of CO² emissions is balanced by the planting of trees. The FSC logo identifies this paper from responsibly produced sources.

Our most valuable commodity is used sparingly. We ensure this, for example, by using water-saving dishwashers equipped with the latest technology; by installing aerators and sensor-controlled taps. The employees are continuously trained to carry out work processes in a water-saving manner. An osmosis system, an ionizer and the economical use of ecologically degradable cleaning agents round off the concept. We do not use waste products from the chemical industry in our toilet facilities in the form of gel balls, which contaminate waste water and our environment.

Our electricity requirements have been partly covered by our in-house photovoltaic system since 2012. This means that we also operate our three electric cars in our fleet. All illuminants in and around the restaurant have been converted to LED over the past three years. The ventilation and cooling systems are connected to a heat recovery system. When purchasing new power equipment, we pay attention to low power consumption and our employees to resource-saving use of the equipment and light sources. The next step is to switch to 100% energy from hydropower.

Waste separation and recycling are very important to us and our employees are trained several times a year. It is important to us to avoid waste. We are therefore constantly anxious to order reusable and large containers and to develop them with our producers and suppliers. Through the collection and transfer of our used cooking oil, sustainable biodiesel is produced and thus CO² is saved.

Old equipment is repaired; eco-paper is used on both sides in the office; discarded boards or banners are reused and much more. Our guests can take the valuable leftovers home in the free, biodegradable take-away crockery. Auction...

The equality of gender, religion, age and origin is a basic prerequisite in our company. People from more than 25 different nations and cultures form our team. For years we have been employing recognized asylum seekers who are taking their first steps into our culture with us, learning German and integrating it into our society. Training and support during work processes as well as daily informative discussions bring our employees to a common level of knowledge. We have been working with "jobwärts" for four years now. We created new jobs for up to 7 impaired employees who enrich us and are fully integrated. Accompanied by a mentor provided by us, they are a valuable part of our community. Our employees have housing and organic food at their disposal and we celebrate a party together every year.

Our plants, trees, flowers and grasses are cultivated with ancient knowledge. The love for the living beings and the moon are our default. Then they cut, weed and harvest. We do not use chemical fertilizers or sprays. Watering takes place only in the morning and evening. Wherever possible, we plant trees and pay attention to native plants. Many animals live with us; different species of wild bees and bumble bees; our ravens and wild cats and the badger under our terrace.

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and take part in a common journey towards a sustainable world. We value the constructive opinion of our guests and customers and appreciate every idea. Because even a small stone makes waves.

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