Open daily

That's right, the largest organic restaurant in the world, the Luftburg - Kolarik in the Prater is open all year round and serves 100% organic specialties every day - even on Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

Restaurant opening hours
Open all year & daily

(Winter) program in the Luftburg

Our punch garden is extended: open daily until January 8 and from January 9 to February 26 from Thursday to Sunday always from 12 to 8 pm. Hot mulled wine and fruity apple punch, homemade straw furniture and a straw playground for children are waiting in the festively lit garden of the Luftburg.

But also in the restaurant one novelty follows the next: Because our specialty of the house, the crispy grilled Surstelze, we serve for the first time in cooperation with the popular restaurant Mochi in Japanese style. The Mochi Style st ilt is accompanied by other recommendations: Beef Tartar, Boeuf Stroganoff, baked cauliflower and the annual popular Erdäpfelgulasch are back on the winter menu!

Eye-catchers - of which we are particularly proud - are the newly built world of experience and the store "Krimskrams & Kramuri". If you are looking for a souvenir for your grandchild or something organic for Aunt Trudl, or if you simply want to make yourself or a good friend happy, you will find it at Krimskrams & Kramuri. The store is located directly in the newly built entrance portal of the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik in the Prater. Integrated into the new building is also the new children's adventure world, which is adjacent to the colorful air castles - more space, more seating - a great feel-good place for children & families.

Speaking of children... Free air castle jumping in winter!

Finally! There were many jumps of joy when it was announced: Our adventure world with colorful air castles is open in winter for the first time! And... the jumping is free! So put on your (especially thick) woolen socks and climb up the colorful air castle! Hop!

Ode to the winter Prater

Yes, we love winter. The Prater, which is becoming quieter, wraps itself in a thick coat of fog, which gives way to the low golden sun in the midday hours. More and more rides open their doors on these days and you can ride the Autodrom or the carousel. Some stroll through the colorful fairground alleys and take one selfie after another with the many fabulous figures and fairy-tale wall decorations that adorn the Wurstelprater. The main avenue becomes a meeting place for cheeky squirrels. Yes even the shy deer flash out at the edge of the forest.

Our tip: The way to our restaurant can be extended by the city hiking trail 9 to an idyllic winter walk. Our organic specialties in the light-flooded glass palace are then the best reward for the cold fingers and nose tips. And in our punch garden and organic restaurant, late in the evening, we toast to the hours spent together in the most peaceful time of the year.