The festive season in the Prater

The Vienna Prater is a special place for excursions – especially in winter. More and more fairground companies and colourful attractions are open; there are free concerts in the Riesenradplatz (the Giant Ferris Wheel Square) and there is also a lot going on in the world's largest organic restaurant. Read for yourself, here are our recommendations for the festive season:

Christmas and New Year's Eve in the Prater
open daily

Restaurant Luftburg – Kolarik im Prater

Holidays in the Prater 1

First of all: we open every day – even on Christmas & New Year's Eve! And as every day of the year, we serve only 100% certified & excellent organic cuisine. The Glaspalast, he

bright and modern, is a popular location for meetings and events of all kinds. For family gatherings, we recommend "die gute Kinderstube" with its lovingly equipped playroom. Kolarik im Prater is famous for its crispy grilled cured pork knuckle and fine beer on draught.

By the way! The guest garden of the Luftburg restaurant is transformed into a punch garden over the festive season. And the adjacent Erlebniswelt with colourful bouncy castles is free of charge during the winter months!

Punch garden with free boccie & bouncy castle jumping

Holidays in the Prater 2

With punch, music and outdoor surprises, we conjure up a winter atmosphere in the festively lit guest garden of the Luftburg. We warm our hands with hot organic mulled wine and fruity organic apple punch.  

For children, there is also a small outdoor playground with a covered play area made of straw. Those who'd like to can put their throwing skills to the test at our free boccie courts. And for those looking for more action, the Erlebniswelt with colourful bouncy castles is open and also free of charge. Wait a minute – what? The bouncy castles are also open in winter? That's right! You can jump in the sunshine even when it's cold.

With the Prater train to the winter fair

Holidays in the Prater 3

The Prater train is the winter alternative to the popular Liliputbahn. This way, you can discover the Prater by train even in the cold season! You can explore the Prater on a round trip and still rest your legs. Tickets are available from the information desk at the Riesenradplatz! Speaking of the Riesenradplatz...

Punch at the winter fair on the Riesenradplatz

Holidays in the Prater 4

This year, the winter fair in the Riesenradplatz will be open right through until 7th January 2024.

In addition to punch, mulled wine, and Christmas market snacks, there is also plenty of live music under the motto "The Prater rocks"! Wednesdays to Sundays from 19:00, there are live concerts by mainly local artists – gospel, pop, soul - it's all there!

And it goes on...

Many other attractions are easily accessible from the Riesenradplatz where the winter train starts its round trip. Here you can meet stars at Madame Tussauds Vienna and it's not far to Dizzy Mouse either! But, the obvious is of course often what is easily overlooked... When was the last time you rode the Riesenrad (Giant Ferris Wheel)?

Nostalgia on the Riesenrad

Holidays in the Prater 5

A ride on the Riesenrad, Vienna's landmark, is nostalgic, romantic, and a small overcomig not only for tourists but also for all citizens of Vienna – no surprise, it goes up to a hight of 65 meters. People say: "If you haven't taken a ride on the Riesenrad at least once in your life and never enjoyed the magnificent view over the rooftops of Vienna, you've never really been to Vienna!" So take a ride on this fascinating construction. The distinctive view over Vienna makes the Riesenrad to a cultural and architectural must-see for every visitor.

Flying high with the Prater Tower

Holidays in the Prater 6

If you can handle a little more height and want to feel the fresh breeze in your hair, you should try the world's highest chair-o-plane – the Prater Tower. It offers a breathtaking view over the city and at a dizzying height of 117 meters, you can experience a special kind of carousel ride. At this height, you are above all the trees and most of the houses and enjoy a breathtaking and thrilling view over the whole of Vienna from a flight radius of 36 meters at 60km/h. It is particularly beautiful at sunset and in the dark, when the Prater and the city are illuminated in festive light.

One lap at the Grand Autodrom

Holidays in the Prater 7

Bang! At the Grand Autodrom, all traffic rules are flouted to your heart's content. And that guarantees lots of fun on the bumper car track! Running into other cars, forcing them off the track and driving in the wrong direction – that's all part of the fun here! And since this driving pleasure can be enjoyed without a driving license, even the younger ones can do their first laps – provided their seatbelts are properly fastened. Have a good ride!

Nature & snow fun in Vienna

Holidays in the Prater 8

Get away from the hustle and bustle! In addition to the colourful fairground attractions and shining Prater stalls, the Vienna Prater is above all – one of the most beautiful and the most green city parks in the world. Extensive meadows, forests, and stretches of water as well as the 4.5 km long Hauptalee (main avenue) are popular destinations for relaxing walks, hikes as well as sporting activities such as jogging, cycling, and skating.

In winter, we can particularly recommend the city hiking path 9. The route from Praterstern to Freudenau is suitable for the whole family and can be seen on the mobile city map – switch on the location tracking and see where you are, directly on your mobile phone.

Of course, the Prater is also the perfect place for simple winter fun such as building a snowman, a thorough snowball fight and a short sledge ride on the Jesuitenwiese.

Our tips for the Prater in winter summarised:
In nature & in the snow:

City hiking trail 9
Sledge ride on the Jesuitenwiese
Snowball fight
Building a snowman
Flying a kite

Let's be honest, if you want to enjoy winter, you have to get out of the house! Fresh air keeps us healthy, exercise makes us fit and happy. And once you've enjoyed a day in the Vienna Prater, the best thing is: coming home to a warm and cosy living room.

Have a great winter & see you soon at the Luftburg!