Wiener Dirndl #liebenwir - Welcome to the family

Wiener Dirndl and Elisabeth Kolarik were on 2 Minutes 2 Million. You can read about how the pitch turned out and what the "Wiener Dirndl" actually is here.

Wiener Dirndl
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The restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater has found the ideal partner for Austria's best organic fruit liqueur in the "Wiener Dirndl". Now even not "only" as a supplier - Elisabeth Kolarik was enthusiastic about the idea and the values of Wiener Dirndl from the very beginning. That's why she was immediately happy to be a mental and ideal supporter when Wiener Dirndl pitched for 2 Minutes 2 Million, but it didn't stop there!


Philipp Maderthaner was very enthusiastic and invested in Wiener Dirndl - and Elisabeth Kolarik also spontaneously decided to join Wiener Dirndl. We are very happy to be part of such a great, young Viennese organic company!

But what actually is a "Dirndl"?

The Dirndl, also known as Cornelian cherry, is a dogwood plant that has been cultivated in Central and Southern Europe for centuries. Hildegard von Bingen already described the beneficial effects of the fruits, as they contain huge amounts of vitamin C and iron.
The organic Dirndl for the liqueur come from Vienna and the surrounding area. The plant blossoms already in March and the fruits are harvested by hand at the perfect time in late summer.


Convince yourself of the delicious, refreshing taste of the Wiener Dirndl – reserve your table right here! #liebenwir