Mochi x Kolarik

The Asian restaurant Mochi in Praterstraße and the largest organic restaurant in the world, the Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater, make here together - and excellent thing: The crispy grilled Surstelze, a classic of Viennese cuisine in 100% organic quality meets 'Asian divers with happy belly feeling'. A recommendation? Absolutely!

Cooperation with Restaurant Mochi
as of December 1, 2022

Konnichi Wa * & Hawedere **

Two restaurants in 1020 Vienna, two anniversaries worth celebrating, two completely different concepts, but one hell of an idea - that's how a classic dish becomes an innovative newcomer.

For the 10th anniversary of the restaurant Mochi and the 30th anniversary of the restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater, they cooked together, tinkered, tasted and sealed it with a sake.

Full of anticipation and very proud, the Luftburg therefore serves all curious guests & Mochi fans from December 1, the by far most popular organic dish, the crispy grilled Surstelze, in Asian style!

The stilt original mochi style

100% organic stilton from Luftburg and the know-how of Japanese cuisine from Mochi - a match made in food-heaven!


The Japanese ikapiri sauce and fresh herbs make the stilton shine. It is, unlike usual, finely sliced. On the plate there are large lettuce leaves ready to be filled as you like: Stilton, cucumber or coleslaw or both, pickled red onion, fine peanut and onion crumbs, a dab of teriyaki sauce and chili mayo. (If the reader's mouth is watering at this point, we recommend a quick table reservation.

How to eat a mochi stilton

Mochi x Kolarik 1
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The crispy grilled Surstelze is our all-time classic, which has always existed and will always exist. With our creative colleagues from Mochi, we have created a completely new dish from it. Starting in December, we will be offering the "Mochi-Stelze" as an addition to our winter menu!
Paul Kolarik
Luftburg - Kolarik in the Prater
Two anniversaries of two restaurants that could not be more different - Mochi and Luftburg. Precisely because you wouldn't lump the two of us together culinarily - in the truest sense of the word - it was so much fun to create two completely new dishes and thus ring in a wonderful conclusion to our two anniversary years.
Sandra Jedliczka

Our tip: Be sure to also stop by Mochi and try the specially created anniversary stilt dish there - Carnitas Don. A traditional Japanese rice bowl dish with braised Luftburg Organic Stilt and Mochi's Pumpkin Kim Chi.



*Little Japanese lesson: "Konnichi Wa" [kon-nitschi-wa] - probably the best known greeting in Japanese. It means something like "good day" and is the all-rounder among greetings. And of course, we want our guests to have a good day/time with us at Luftburg.


**A little Viennese lesson: "Habe d'ehre", "Hawedere" or simply "Dere" - we have the honor to see you! In this case, of course, to see you and to welcome and pamper you as guests at Mochi!