Goose time

When the days get shorter and the jackets get thicker, then it is here – the autumn. Autumn time is colourful foliage time, chestnut time, harvest time. And at Restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater, autumn is also goose time. From 18th October to 12th November 2023, the popular organic Martinigansl (St. Martin's goose) will be served again this year.

Goose time
18 October - 12 November 2023

Indulgence of goose  no chance for the autumn blues.

The seasonal menu includes not only our well-known goose classics such as goose soup with breadcrumbs dumplings or crispy and juicy Martini goose (from organic pasture-raised goose) served with potato dumplings and braised red cabbage with apples. The creamy penny bun pasta and the autumnal dessert are also a must-try. Bon appetit!

We don't chase a wild goose

The secret of our Luftburg geese is how they are beeing handled. They don't come just from anywhere: the organic pasture-raised geese come from the Waldviertel region (north-western part of Lower Austria) from species-appropriate and strictly controlled organic husbandry – with free access to feed and water.

Responsible indulgence tastes better

Products we use are not only 100% organic but also as regional and seasonal as possible. We cook freshly every day – without preservatives and flavour enhancers. Additionally, no convenience food make it into our pot. All this because we want to offer our guests the best quality and responsible enjoyment!

Our tip

Reserve table in time and pre-order organic goose!