Organic cocktails

When we meet with the Distillery Farthofer – the organic distillery in their region – from the Mostviertel and the fruit juice expert Höllinger Juice from Lower Austria, only something refreshingly new can come out! And that, as always, in 100% organic quality.

Summer, sun - cocktails!

With summer temperatures, there's hardly anything finer than taking a seat in the shady guest garden and ordering a cool drink. And that's exactly why we've added some pretty cool drinks to our menu.

We were helped by the new "Ready to drink" recipes from the Distillery Farthofer. Here, three popular cocktails have been newly, and above all 100% organicinterpreted. The Austrian version of the famous Mai Tai with apricot and almond is called "Prater Mai Tai". For those who like it fruitier, there is the berry "1766* Bramble". And the "Luftburg Sour" is served here with vodka and pear juice instead of the classic Wiskey Sour.

Another highlight of the new cocktail menu is the Steckerleis-Hugo. It came about spontaneously and was initially intended to be a joke among colleagues - but seriously - it's really ingenious! We put one of our fruity-sweet elderberry organic ice cream lollies from Eiswerk into a Kattus Organic sparkling wine. Not only does it look great - but it's quite simply the most refreshing Hugo we've ever had!

For cocktail enjoyment without compromise, there is the alcohol-free Mojito and Aperitivo Spritz, mixed with the alcohol-free bar syrups from Höllinger. The Dirndl Mocktail from Wiener Dirndl and grape juice from Landauer-Gisperg are also great non-alcoholic alternatives for a hot summer day when you want to keep a clear head.

We think: This vitamin C(ocktail) was still missing on our summer menu. Have fun with it & cheers!

*The Prater – once an imperial hunting ground – was opened to all Viennese as a recreational area by Joseph II in 1766.