Wiener Wäsch clothes swap

Take all the things that have been languishing in the wardrobe for far too long and always disappear into the back of the cupboard with the words "oh, I could wear that when it's my cat's birthday". It is precisely these items that are finally brought to our event. Everything is sorted by category (trousers, jumpers, accessories,...) on tables. Afterwards, you can rummage through other people's closets to your heart's content and take lots of new favourite pieces with you. Resource-saving, communicative, fun and also really good for the environment... oh... and for the soul.

Wiener Wäsch clothes swap
Saturday, 12 March
from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

How does the clothes swap work?

We assume that everything is in good condition. No one needs holey or dirty laundry. No promotional T-shirts or washed-out woollen jumpers that are as tight as chain mail. Costume jewellery from which the outer layer is flaking off and handbags whose handle threatens to tear off from a weight of 10 grams can also be safely thrown away.

What may be exchanged?

Everything from jumpers to bikinis to dresses is exchanged. Whatever you have in your wardrobe. Men's and children's clothing is of course also very welcome. Also welcome are good cosmetics, jewellery, DVDs, accessories and decorations in manageable quantities.

How much may be exchanged?

As much as you want to bring. As much as you want to take.


Our swap is free of charge so that everyone can participate.