Kolariks leisure facilities has existed in the Vienna Prater since 1991. It was founded by Elisabeth Kolarik to coordenate with the other existing establishments of Praterfee, Luftburg Himmelreich and the Kinderwelt children’s amusement park. All of these businesses are characterized primarily by one quality: family friendliness. It is no wonder the restaurateur was a mother of five children.

Family Business


Elisabeth Kolarik comes from one of the famous Prater families. She was born on 1st January, 1954 as the youngest child of the chalet owner, Else and Karl Kolarik. Her two sisters, Lydia and Karl, operate the business today. Elisabeth Kolarik worked for the family business for many years and was the managing director until 1991.


Between the years 1976 to 1996, their five children Marianne, Barbara, Paul, Julia-Sophie and Elisabeth-Marie were born. They are the most important things in life for Elisabeth Kolarik, but has also always been a strong motivator to align their operations in line with the need of families. Since 2002, she has been married to Ing Heinz Hummel and have one daughter, Anna-Carina, together.

Kolariks leisure enterprises are a family operation in the truest sense of the word. The daughter, Marianne, and the son, Paul, are actively involved in the company and manage the company together with the owner Elisabeth Kolarik. The younger ones help introduce new ideas for the children.

A company dedicated to growth

Kolariks leisure enterprises consists of the theme park, restaurants, bouncing-castles, Himmelreich and Praterfee in addition to the rental and sale of bouncing castles. The company’s history vegan with the invention of bouncing castle by Elisabeth Kolarik in 1977. It was her idea to create a soft play area from the material of hot air balloons on which children can play without getting hurt.


The company’s history vegan with the invention of bouncing castle by Elisabeth Kolarik in 1977. It was her idea to create a soft play area from the material of hot air balloons on which children can play without getting hurt.


Elisabeth Kolarik soon recognized the need to their customers, who wanted to rent and buy the bouncing castles. Then they opened the Café-Restaurant Luftburg in 1992. In the immediate vicinity of the new premises, an additional amusement park with a petting zoo was added in 1994. With the additional bouncing castles, air slide and children’s go-kart track, the name “Kinderwelt” (Children’s World) was born.


In 1997 Elisabeth Kolarik acquired and modified the Restaurant & Biergarten Himmelreich. The Salto – Trampoline, where you can jump up to 9 meters high while being secured with belt, was the last component of the investment.


Elisabeth Kolarik was able to acquire the Praterfee in 2000, which she had had her eye on for a long time. The building directly adjacent to the Prater Avenue tennis courts was renovated in 2002 and 2006. The popular restaurant business is complemented by the surrounding attractions, such as the Salto Trampoline, bouncing castles, a spacious trampoline and asphalt curling alleys. Since 2004, Kolariks also offeres catering services, which have become particularly popular, especially pork and crispy BBQ stilts.


2005 Praterfee was added to the Feenzelt in 2005. The popular event tent can seat up to 300 people. The family-friendly restaurant now offers the Prater with a nursing room, children’s playroom and children’s menu, which provides all of the necessities for a successful visit for the entire family.


In 2008, the Luftburg was rebuilt in an elaborate style and enhanced with a light-filled glass palace, which provides the opportunity to take an enjoyable break in the gourmet contemporary setting. The terrace and garden were expanded to hold 750 seats and embellished with lavender and young chestnut trees in 2010.


In the spring of 2011, the Praterfee was enhanced with the addition of a giant inflatable castle slide with the height of 14 meters and length of 22 meters. Additionally, a children’s go-kart track was added. Kids can now race in electric cars around the mini highway.

In the summer of 2011, the Luftburg presented true to the motto “self tapped tastes best” with the addition of self-service beer dispensing tables in the garden area. A leisurely pleasure for social gatherings and all beer lovers.


This year, the dream of every chef came true: the kitchen in Kolariks Luftburg was expanded to 200 square meters. Equipped with the latest technology, this space gain guarantees quality services and an ultimate experience.


The newly designed garden in the Restaurant Luftburg is opened. Sycamores which are set to guests donate magnificent tree shadows in a few years. A herb garden supplies the kitchen with fresh herbs, decorative water make for a pleasant, playful atmosphere. Just enjoy

Looking back over the past 20 years, Elisabeth Kolarik is proud that the Luftburg has become one of the most popular meeting places in the Vienna Prater. Quality, innovation and family-friendliness as well as the many valuable employees in the business are the building blocks to the success of Kolariks leisure enterprises.

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