Beer day

On the International Day of Beer we toast - to the cool blonde, the barley juice, the liquid gold, the hop flower tea - the beer! It should be said that every beer served in the Luftburg - Kolarik in the Prater is of 100% organic quality. We are particularly proud of the cooperation with our house beer brand - Fohrenburg, from Vorarlberg.

Competition on the day of the beer
Friday, August 4

Cheers to a sustainable partnership

For the beery organic pleasure, we have gained the perfect partner in the Fohrenburg brewery. The pale Fohrenburg Braumeister organic farmhouse beer, developed together with the Kolarik family and brewed from 100% organically grown malting barley, is served fresh on tap exclusively in the Luftburg.

Organic beer bouncy castle edition

And because we think our Fohrenburger Hofbier is so ingenious, our organic beer is also available in its own bottling, with a snazzy label and collectible character.

Sweepstakes on August 4

We are giving away 3×2 bottles of Fohrenburger in the Luftburg edition. On August 4, at noon, the raffle starts on Instagram. So best to follow right away and do not miss the raffle.

Fohrenburg Brewery - Legendary since 1881

The basic philosophy of the first green brewery in Vorarlberg - Fohrenburger brews CO2-neutral - is characterized by the idea of quality.
Only the best ingredients from the region are used to produce the various beer specialties. Brewed, of course, according to the Purity Law of 1516.

Since 2018, the Fohrenburg brewery has met the requirements to produce and bottle organic/ecological products. Fohrenburger has recognised: Regionality in organic quality meets the spirit of the times. In cooperation with organic farmers from Vorarlberg, they have succeeded in brewing the only organic beer with 100% organic brewing barley from Vorarlberg.

Enjoyment with responsibility tastes better - cheers!