School Sack Action

On the first day of school, we will once again distribute our well-filled school bags with lots of colorful surprises to all first graders who are jumping into air castles. Come by, we are so looking forward to it!

Free school bag with every Luftburg day ticket
While stocks last!
5 September 2022 between 11:00 - 15:00
Prater Fairy and Luftburg World of Experience

The preparations in full swing

For weeks now, our team has been in school bag fever: Every day, we phone, write, and tinker with our partners, suppliers, and friends to come up with small and somewhat larger surprises that fit into our school bags. Whether sweet bars, practical items for the start of school or vouchers for the Prater - as always, we pay attention to organic quality or a sustainable benefit. That's why our "Schulsackerl" are really practical gym bags again this year! And what we find really great: All partners make sure to send us the goodies in as little plastic as possible and together with bigger deliveries - to save the environment - really great, isn't it?!

The 1st day of school

On September 5, the time has finally come: From 11 a.m., the Prater Fairy and the Luftburg Erlebniswelt will be open. All children with a day ticket for jumping in the air castle will then automatically receive a free school bag. It's going to be fun!

Lunch at the Luftburg

For a meal together on the 1st day of school, the Luftburg Restaurant opens as early as 11 am. Our guest garden is shaded, surrounded by trees and within sight of the Luftburg adventure world. Changing tables and high chairs are available and our newly renovated children's playroom is also looking forward to astonished children's eyes.
Tip: We recommend a table reservation!

Many thanks

to our partners, suppliers and friends for the support of the Schulsackerl-Aktion 2022