Professional gastronomy to go! - the beer dispensing system from Kolarik

Whether at official celebrations, private celebrations, events, weddings, summer or October celebrations - a beer dispenser is a must!

Since a beer tapping plant represents an interface between host and guest, the quality of the tapping plant is also decisive here. This is reflected among other things in the tap quality. High-quality beer varieties from our house, such as Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr or Budweiser, perfectly complement taste and beer experience. We at Kolarik fulfil every wish of the beer lover, so every other type of beer is available on request!

You are the host - take the tapping into your own hands!
With the mobile beer tap, drinking beer becomes a whole new experience! You can easily rent a tapping unit for your home and operate it yourself. Two different modes are available: ALL-IN or JETON. While ALL-IN offers the possibility to unlock the tap, so that each guest can serve himself, the mode JETON allows that each guest can tap himself with the help of tokens one mug per token.

The mobile beer dispensing system
Our mobile beer dispensing system includes four dispensing taps, which are mounted around the device. This makes it possible for your guests to draw a beer easily and without long waiting times. You even have the possibility to connect two different barrels. Here is something for every taste! Your beer is cooled with a continuous flow cooler. This means that you can tap a cold beer after a short time.

Our service

You can rent our efficient and reliable dispensing system from us at any time. We deliver the bar directly to your location, set it up and pick it up again!
In the following you can see how our offer is composed:
- 1 mobile beer
tap - 2 beer barrels can be connected
at the same time - 3 house beers to choose from (any other kind of beer on request!)
- 4 taps
- 100 glasses (Krugerl) or mugs per barrel


A fair price-performance ratio is a top priority at Kolarik. You can rent a professional dispenser for a reasonable price and do not have to worry about installation or delivery and collection.
Jetons and 100x glasses are included.

Our prices are made up as follows:
- € 150,- delivery & collection
(self-pickup only with lifting platform!)
- € 200,- mobile beer tap per day / with extension per day € 95,-
- € 145,- 1x 50 litre beer barrel from Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr or Budweiser

For broken glass € 2,50 per glass

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