Photo Gallery Kolarik's Oktoberfest 2019

That was an anniversary jamboree

An anniversary that was duly celebrated: On 18 and 19 October, the Oktoberfest was held for the 10th time. This year, for the first time, the programme included 100% organic dishes, 100% organic beer and 100% hearty fun.

A festival with tradition

The words of welcome from the Kolarik family were followed by the traditional beer tapping. Live acts by "Die Wilden Kaiser" and the "Saubergbuam" heated up the atmosphere, while hearty organic barbecue platters (also available in vegetarian-vegan form in 2019) offered enjoyable refreshment. The largest Spiel-Wiesn to date with numerous attractions provided exuberant entertainment. Strength and skill were put to the test in stein-stemming, log-nailing, on the beer slide and the Riesn-Wiesn-Dart. The wild bull threw off numerous guests at the Oktoberfest Rodeo, some were able to restrain him and reached the 3 minute maximum. Great prizes in the public raffle, the new Viennese Dirndl Liqueur and a pop-up store with traditional costume fashion made the Wiesn happiness perfect.

Thanks for joining the party!


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Together with our guests and friends we have searched for typical terms for the restaurant LUFTBURG. From the many ideas and creative text passages, Die Wilden Kaiser created a song for our 10th Oktoberfest anniversary - we think it's really great, thank you!