Organic Valentine's Day treat at the Luftburg

Love goes through the stomach

February 14 is Valentine's Day, for many the most romantic day of the year. The perfect opportunity to celebrate time for two with hearty indulgence for all the senses. Only on Valentine's Day, Luftburg spoils its guests with a four-course organic Valentine's menu - proving how love can go through the stomach and how shared enjoyment can unite.

Organic Valentine's Day treat
14 February 2020

The Luftburg Organic Valentine's Day Menu.

To start, the tender tartar of herb mushrooms with heart-shaped toast and tomato butter seduces you to moments of pleasure. Then the creamy potato soup with porcini mushrooms gently nestles on the palate. The main course is either the crispy grilled knuckle of pork as a speciality of the house or the hearty pumpkin ragout, both accompanied by aromatic rosemary potatoes. The sweet conclusion brings the organic pleasure to a climax with a fine orange tiramisu.

The organic Valentine's menu can be enjoyed with grilled knuckle of pork or pumpkin ragout for 50 euros for two. A wine accompaniment is available on request at 14 euros per person. Available from 11:30 am to 9 pm.